Lightweight Shafts

Get rolling. Get rolling. How do you decrease change over time and increase operator safety? Replace heavy steel shafts that require two operators with lighter weight shafts that one person can easily handle. Meet the Goldenrod, lightweight shaft. OSHA sets the standards for workplace safety and has specific maximum living requirements for a single person.

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Centering Shafts

Better quality winds and higher productivity with the goldenrod center shaft and the fail-safe internal valve feature. With Goldenrod now, you can run faster and maximize your productivity with no roll loping. Find high-quality rerolls, even consistent tensions while reducing the channel web breaks; save, wear, and tear your capital equipment by reducing excessive vibration.

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Goldenrod Model 1250 DFX Maintenance

The crimping wheels are made up to standard crimping on that, and we've milled and put the dust around—the adjustments there for a while these are in use. Yeah, the wear on them will start getting a gap. When you got the gap, you're going to move your adjuster out. So you always keep a

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Goldenrod Corporation: Who We Are

Since 1986 goldenrod corporation has been designing and manufacturing industry-leading winding shafts, chucks, and shaft handling systems. Their products provide distinct advantages for processors in the North American paper, film foil, and non-woven converting industries. With headquarters in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, Goldenrod is a partner with Svecom P.E of Italy. The largest manufacturer of air

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Goldenrod Differential Shafts

The goldenrod corporation introduced the patented model DFX differential rewind shaft in 2001. The continued success of this design over the years speaks volumes as to why goldenrod is the industry leader in differential shaft technology for slitting and rewinding applications. The shaft has two expanding components, each with its air system. The first expanding

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Goldenrod Maintenance

At Goldenrod, we understand that your time is your money. The 1260 series multiple bladder shaft is designed to be repaired quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Troubleshooting and repair take just minutes compared to a minimum of four to five hours for the competitors, single internal bladder shafts. This training video

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