Model 300-1000 BMS Pedestal Roll Lift

The pedestal mounted Model 300-1000 BMS is an electro-hydraulic roll manipulator that can lift and rotate rolls up to 98” in diameter, weighing up to 1320 pounds. Maximum arm stroke is 73.6 inches. Designed to be bolted to the floor, it can also be installed on rail trolleys with festooned power and hydraulic lines. The

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Winding News E-Newsletter October 2020

Winding News  NEW PRODUCTS Goldenrod Air Pressure Monitor (APM) Our newest Goldenrod product is designed to help our customers quickly identify any air leaking issues within their operating shafts. The new Goldenrod APM option incorporates a small profile leak detection sensor into our multi-bladder design.  Once the shaft is inflated, the sensor sends inflation data

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Winding News E-Newsletter February 2020

Winding News E-Newsletter     COME SEE US AT CONVERTERS EXPO SOUTH AND CONVERTERS EXPO! If you're coming to the Converters Expo South in Charlotte next week (Wednesday, Feb. 12) or the Converters Expo in Green Bay on April 29-30, please stop by to see us!  We'll be displaying our industry-leading shafts and chucks at

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