The goldenrod corporation introduced the patented model DFX differential rewind shaft in 2001. The continued success of this design over the years speaks volumes as to why goldenrod is the industry leader in differential shaft technology for slitting and rewinding applications.

The shaft has two expanding components, each with its air system. The first expanding component is what we call the torque actuator system. Air is supplied to the shaft through a rotary union; hundreds of individual segments expand upwards, pressing against the interior surface of the cores as the role builds more pressures exerted by increasing air pressure to the segments.

To repeat air pressure to the torque actuators is increased proportionally as the roll diameter increases to maintain the correct tension—the more comprehensive the core, the greater the contact area on the shaft. Thus, the force applied to the inner diameter is linear. Cores of different widths can be run on the same shaft.

The same tension will be maintained, regardless of core width. The second expanding component is the core stop system. The patented core stops are designed to hold the cores in position on the shaft and retract below the surface for easy setup and stripping.

The air to operate the core system is directed through the air valve on the shaft’s body. When using the patented goldenrod cartridge, core stop option changeovers are quick and easy. Core stops setups can be maintained as a set, ready to insert for a new job, or changed when the machine is idle between sets.

The model DFX shafts are typically run at a three to 12% Overspeed, depending upon the caliper variance of the substrate streams. Each DFX shaft is designed to fit the required core tolerances. Standard core quality is acceptable in most applications.

Let’s watch while the operator unloads finished rolls, unlike conventional shafts that use spacers or cam locks. Cores slip easily on and off the model DFX.

As you have seen, the goldenrod model DFX is quite different from the conventional spacer and cam lock systems. Set up time and stripping times will be cut by half; many customers report increases of 50 to 60%.

The payback to your company will occur in only a few months. The patented golden rod DFX differential shaft has additional rows of surface roller bearings to minimize drag. It can be designed as a complete shaft or as a slip-over adapter. The model allows low tension slip, winding of heavy gauge material, and higher roll weights on larger diameter cores.
Goldenrod offers the DFX technology in a variety of profiles. From lightweight lift-out options to heavy-duty options that must support more significant roles. Goldenrod also offers a line of Camlock-style differential shafts. The upgrade considerations for this shaft are very similar to those covered for the DFX shaft.

A constant air source is required to control air pressure to the differential ledges found on the steel multiple bladder base shaft under the cam lock rings. Cam lock rings are situated along the length of the shaft. The minimum slit width determines the width of the individual rings.
Once the operator determines the desired position of the core on the shaft, a quick turn locks the core in place; no tools are required. Unlike the DFX style differential, where the core rotates on the outside diameter of the shaft, individual cores are locked into by the cam lock ring, and the ring rotates on the shafts in the body.

As roll diameters build, air pressure increases and the tension ledges beneath the individual cam-lock rings allow for less and less slip. Goldenrod is the only company that offers a complete line of differential shafts, each designed to address specific production challenges.

It is our job to ask the right questions that will enable us to recommend the best long-term solution that will have the fastest payback. We are the originators of the multiple bladder expandable air shafts with ultra-light, aluminum, and carbon composite shafts plus proper centering and the fail-safe internal check valve design.

The centering shafts hold cores concentrically and run vibration-free. Goldenrod has 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rugged and durable safety chucks. We maintain a large inventory of standard models and sizes to meet all of your delivery needs.

If you are interested in either the model DFX or cam lock differential, shaft chucks, or multiple bladder shafts, please give us a call. We’ll be delighted to discuss your application and show you a better way.