Better quality winds and higher productivity with the goldenrod center shaft and the fail-safe internal valve feature.

With Goldenrod now, you can run faster and maximize your productivity with no roll loping. Find high-quality rerolls, even consistent tensions while reducing the channel web breaks; save, wear, and tear your capital equipment by reducing excessive vibration. Can handle higher torque on heavy narrower rules and reduce downtime by using the easy to repair multiple bladder design.

Get rolling faster; competitive internal bladder login button shafts cannot keep the roll center. So the roll can orbit eccentrically. This loping condition can create a poor quality wind limits line speed and can even cause damage to the bearings and supports. The goldenrods entering feature ensures smooth, winding, and higher running speed.

The manufacturer of your shafts starts with assembling a minimum of three metal ledges at 120 degrees into the shaft. The ledges are expanded to a mechanical stop and turn in the lathe to a precise expanded diameter based on your core ID specs.

After the gripping rubber, ledgers are installed, and the completed shaft is inflated. The metal ledge is expanded first center, the core, or even a moderate size roll.

Then a second later, the rubber ledge expands to grip the core securely. Goldenrod also incorporates the patented internal valve feature to prevent losing a role due to loss of air pressure.

Each of the golden routes, multiple bladders, has its own internal check valve that isolates each bladder from the others. The air pressure cannot escape from the bladders under the compression of a heavy roll, and best of all, if one bladder fails, the rest of the bladders remained struggling inflated to grip the core. The critical speed is the zone where the shaft’s frequency changes and excessive vibration can naturally occur.

This vibration can cause web tension problems, web breaks, and even damage to the shaft and the machine. Goldenrod centering chef minimizes or even eliminates these problems by keeping the roll orbit concentrically. You can run closer to and even through the critical speeds safely and confidently.

Get rolling faster. With Goldenrod, you can shorten downtime in the event of a bladder failure. Goldenrod chef design allows user bladder change in minutes; right on-site, it’s easy.

Can we use them on the unwind and rewind sites? And they’re faster; they allow us better production, the better quality of production. That’s why we like them.