Since 1986 goldenrod corporation has been designing and manufacturing industry-leading winding shafts, chucks, and shaft handling systems. Their products provide distinct advantages for processors in the North American paper, film foil, and non-woven converting industries.

With headquarters in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, Goldenrod is a partner with Svecom P.E of Italy. The largest manufacturer of air shafts and core holding equipment in Europe.

Together Goldenrod and Svecom are the single largest manufacturer of winding shafts and chucks in the industry. Al Preto established goldenrod in 1986 to represent and support the efforts of Svecom P.E in North America.

The company’s unique, multiple external bladder air shaft designs quickly became popular throughout the industry. By 1993, goldenrod began manufacturing its shafts and chucks in a new plant in prospect, Connecticut.

The company multiplied and developed many new and improved shaft and Chuck products and earned patents for its industry, leading differential shafts and high-speed carbon protrusion shafts. Goldenrod’s, ergonomic ultra-light, and lightweight shafts, and safety chucks also were introduced.

By 2003 goldenrod moved to a newly built custom manufacturing facility in Beacon Falls, Connecticut. More people and greater capacity have continued to improve the company’s efficiency, service, and lead times.
Goldenrod is unique in that we are a family-owned business, and we have strong family values. Um, we’re very proud of our products and, um, all of our employees are taught to be very customer-centric that customers come first in all cases.

Goldenrod supplies the most highly engineered products. We believe that we have the finest quality, best-engineered products, uh, winding products in the industry.

It’s that simple to provide excellent products, top-shelf engineering and back them up with world-class customer support. And, um, that’s how we’ve been successful. Over the years, Goldenrods products include a large selection of winding tools, including multiple bladders, air shafts, differential, winding shafts, lightweight shafts, carbon fiber shafts, tissue, and mill duty, genuine spool shafts, and chucks, chucks, safety, chucks, and shaft handling systems.

If you are producing paper, film, foil, or products, contact goldenrod corporation today to see how they can help you improve your machinery’s efficiency and productivity. For more information, or to obtain a quote, call 1-800 gold rod or visit the company’s website, www dot goldenrod Corp com.