Core Shafts

Today, Goldenrod and Svecom combine for more than 50 years of experience. We offer the greatest variety of roll – handling tools in the world, with a product list that includes state-of-the-art differential shafts, lightweight and ultra – lightweight winding and slitting shafts, reel spool shafts, chucks, safety chucks, and a complete line of shaft handling equipment. Our product achievements and close attention to customer needs have made us an industry pioneer, giving our competitors no choice but to follow our lead.

The Multiple Bladder Advantage: The defining feature of Goldenrod products is the multiple bladder design. This unique approach allows the number and width of gripping ledges to change to handle each specific application. Developed to solve problems caused by old-style lug and button shafts, the multiple bladder design is incorporated into Goldenrod shafts and chucks to provide years of trouble-free use and reliable operation. Goldenrod is the industry leader in multiple bladder technology, offering over 50 multi-bladder variations.

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