Air Shafts

Air Shaft: An air shaft is a device used for handling unwind and rewind rolls in the processing of web-fed materials, such as continuous-process printing presses, coaters, laminators, and slitters. An air shaft is inserted into rolls of paper, film, foil, and any other web-based substrate and inflated. The advantage of using an air shaft is its ability to grip the core without damage while providing a positive interface to control the web via brakes and motors.

Machines that use air shafts: Splicers; Printing Presses; Coaters; Laminators; Slitter/Rewinders; Blown Film Lines; Cast Film Lines; Bag Machines; Pouch Machines; Multi-wall Bag Lines; Metallizers; Thermo-formers; Sheeters; and any other machine that processes web-fed materials.

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