Winding Tools

We offer the greatest variety of roll – handling tools in the world, with a product list that includes state-of-the-art differential shafts, lightweight and ultra – lightweight winding and slitting shafts, reel spool shafts, chucks, safety chucks, and a complete line of shaft handling equipment. Our product achievements and close attention to customer needs have made us an industry pioneer, giving our competitors no choice but to follow our lead.

Shaft & Roll Handling

Ideal for handling shafts, chucks, reels, and cores. We provide our customers with a wide range of solutions, from shaft extractors to manual or electric trolleys, to lifting platforms.

Tissue & Mill Duty

Goldenrod (USA) and Svecom P.E. (Italy) combine more than 50 years of experience serving the pulp and paper industry. We are the engineering innovators in this market, and are the only manufacturer of both expanding reel spools and shaft handling equipment in the world.

Our easy to operate, easy to maintain reel spool shafts feature advanced technology which allows processors to run at faster speeds with minimal vibration. Combined with a complete line of chucks/core plugs and shaft pulling equipment, we offer the industry’s best selection of mill-duty products.

Safety Chucks

Goldenrod engineering is unparalleled in the industry. Our advanced designs have kept us in the forefront of new generation equipment. For information on our custom roll-handling equipment, click on the products of interest from the three categories below. Or specify a product using the site search on the right.

News & Updates

Since 1984, Goldenrod has been developing and manufacturing industry-leading multiple bladder air shafts, differential winding shafts, light weight shafts, carbon fiber shafts, reel spools, chucks, safety chucks and shaft handling systems for the paper, film, and non-woven converting industries. To learn more about Goldenrod products, call (800) 456-3763 or contact the sales representative in your area.

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