Get rolling. Get rolling. How do you decrease change over time and increase operator safety? Replace heavy steel shafts that require two operators with lighter weight shafts that one person can easily handle.
Meet the Goldenrod, lightweight shaft. OSHA sets the standards for workplace safety and has specific maximum living requirements for a single person.

Our lightweight shafts help you to meet those requirements. The industry is demanding lightweight shafts. That’s why eight years ago, Goldenrod introduced the ultra-light line of aluminum shafts. Our shafts weigh 30 to 50%, less than competitive aluminum models.

In addition, they weighed less than costs, much less than competitive carbon fiber models, but we didn’t stop there. Sometimes an application requires the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber models.
We have pushed the limits of shaft technology and developed carbon fiber protrusion. A patented process that combines long, straight carbon fibers and epoxy with multiple bladder aluminum extrusion to offer you the best lightweight solution yet.

With Goldenrod now, you can reduce lifting-related injuries and state OSHA compliant, reduce labor costs with single operator changeover. Increased productivity with less downtime during changeovers and reduce your maintenance costs with the multiple bladder design.
Take your choice. Goldenrod, the only shaft manufacturer that offers you a complete line of ultra-light, aluminum, and carbon fiber shafts and sizes from three inches up to six inches,

Goldenrod is excellent because it has to move the shaft several times a day. It’s easy to do by myself without any strain. Goldenrod is doing what I can carry without the hoist.