At Goldenrod, we understand that your time is your money. The 1260 series multiple bladder shaft is designed to be repaired quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Troubleshooting and repair take just minutes compared to a minimum of four to five hours for the competitors, single internal bladder shafts.
This training video demonstrates our simple maintenance procedure. These parts and tools are all you need to repair the Goldenrod, multiple bladder Shaft.

Inflate the shaft, and spray the air valve and crimping lugs with a soapy water solution until the leak is located. Deflate the shaft and remove the airside crimping lock. The bladder is mechanically crimped by the Ridge on the underside of the lug. The brass air connector should fit into the air hole at the bottom of the pocket.
On some models, this whole contains a metal bushing. If it does not sit slightly above the surface, check the old ring underneath, remove the airside crimping lock.

Use the Allen wrench or a screwdriver as a lever to raise the edge of the ledge and slide it out of the channel. Your new bladder will come from Goldenrod, complete with the brass air connector in the correct position. Ensure the brass connector drops into the air hole and lays the rest of the bladder flat in the channel.

Put the Teflon strip on top of the bladder. Replace the airside crimping lock and tighten it down by hand. There is no need to over-tighten the screw to provide a proper air seal. Trim the bladder to length from the non-air side. Making sure the cut length is about one-eighth in short of the screw hole.

The end must remain between the two raised areas on the underside of the crimping lock. Leave the Teflon strip uncut for now. Replace the ledge from the non-air side. Press down and hold the deflation clips in place as you slide the ledge into the channel, keeping the Teflon strip taught as you go. Once the ledge is wholly installed, pull the Teflon, strip tight and trim it to the same length as the bladder.

To double-check, respray the original with the soapy solution. Now let’s watch the whole procedure take place in less than two minutes. Goldenrod is the technological leader in designing and manufacturing lightweight centering slitter drive, reel spool, and differential rewind shafts.

Plus, we have the widest variety of safety chucks and heavy-duty pneumatic and mechanical expanding chucks. All our multiple bladder shafts and chucks are repaired in precisely the same way, regardless of size or length.

Goldenrod knows how valuable your production time is. And our 1260 series design allows you to make the most of it. If you would like a quotation on spare parts, shafts or chucks, please call our experienced customer service department at 1-800 gold rod.