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Model 300-1000 BMS Pedestal Roll Lift

The pedestal mounted Model 300-1000 BMS is an electro-hydraulic roll manipulator that can lift and rotate rolls up to 98” in diameter, weighing up to 1320 pounds. Maximum arm stroke is 73.6 inches. Designed to be bolted to the floor, it can also be installed on rail trolleys with festooned power and hydraulic lines. The

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Lightweight Shafts

Get rolling. Get rolling. How do you decrease change over time and increase operator safety? Replace heavy steel shafts that require two operators with lighter weight shafts that one person can easily handle. Meet the Goldenrod, lightweight shaft. OSHA sets the standards for workplace safety and has specific maximum living requirements for a single person.

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Centering Shafts

Better quality winds and higher productivity with the goldenrod center shaft and the fail-safe internal valve feature. With Goldenrod now, you can run faster and maximize your productivity with no roll loping. Find high-quality rerolls, even consistent tensions while reducing the channel web breaks; save, wear, and tear your capital equipment by reducing excessive vibration.

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