The crimping wheels are made up to standard crimping on that, and we’ve milled and put the dust around—the adjustments there for a while these are in use. Yeah, the wear on them will start getting a gap. When you got the gap, you’re going to move your adjuster out.
So you always keep a little bit of pressure on these; when these are work, they got two Springs in here. Yeah, you can see it. You got a straight one, the spring on the bottom, a little bit thicker. It’s a straight piece of steel that goes underneath it.

The upper ones are, what it does is when you don’t have any air pressure on it, it puts pressure on this and pushes the straight piece down, which deflates your pieces, each one of these acts out of fingers.
When you go to put these together, the easiest thing to do is never put the two protectors between these in the block, but to put it together, take a piece of brick siding first, pick a piece.

Take a piece; slide this in. Now, if you look straight down here, so you’ve got the two fingers, you’re actually getting the sides. So you’re going to lock us together? Yes. The easiest way, isn’t it?
I made these up; it’s nothing special. It’s just some of our shim stock. You’re going to put one here. You can take this, and you’re going to push both fingers down, straight down, put a little bit of pressure, and they slide together.

If you didn’t have one of these, trying to get these together, it’s not going to be easy; I mean, you can use a screwdriver.
You could use it if you got a, like a Swiss army knife, just something to put pressure down on those two pieces. And I mean, you ever take one of these entirely apart, you put all the pieces in, you don’t snap them together.
It’s actually going to take up four pieces. Once you snap everything together, you’ll be able to put one more piece.

So they and that’s it, that’s the stock blank right there. Yes. They’re all going to be short. You can have special-length pieces that you’ll need. It would help if you let us know, and we’ll make that unique per shaft or what’s needed. Always make sure if you’re ever worried about your making sure that when you put these together, a lot of guys don’t realize this.
When you work on these things, what you want to make sure it is, the edge of your bladder fits inside the pocket here. If you go too far and you actually hit here, it’ll leak.

A lot of the guys don’t realize that you either want to either shorten it a little bit with a razor knife or a pair of scissors. Or if you’ve got it’s just a little bit too long, slide it back a little bit. You always want to make sure that your edge is sitting in this pocket to get a good seal. Yeah, it’s a good tip.

Oh yeah. A lot of the new guys don’t realize that you slide it in; make sure your gap is taken up. See how that takes up the slot now.
And then tighten this up. I mean, you don’t want to go nuts on it, but here until you just hand-tight. Yeah. And then you’re done.