Large Shaft Refurbishment - Goldenrod CorporationComplete Service Center – Model 1260-LDB Reel Spool Evaluation / Refurbishment Service

  • Evaluation consists of a thorough inspection of all components.
  • All surface areas are inspected for damage that may affect proper operation
  • Bearing/Housing inspection – Check seals, o-rings, general operation
  • Grip ledge and Centering ledge slots inspected for any damage.
  • Inflation/Deflation – All expanding components are cycle tested for proper actuation/retraction
  • Centering Ledges – Condition as compared to original expansion/contraction specs
  • Grip Ledges – Inspected for tears, gouges or inconsistencies that may affect grip
  • Straighten & Balance – Spool placed in Model CEMB Z10000 TC Industrial balancer

Full engineering support services are available at Goldenrod, including:

  • Plant:
    • shaft balancing
    • shaft straightening
    • shaft & chuck refurbishment / reconditioning
  • Engineering and engineering support:
    • shaft measurement services (on-site or in the field)
    • shaft evaluation and assessment
    • application evaluation and assessment
    • engineering calculations (load charts)
  • Shaft handling equipment field evaluation and assessment
  • Field installation support and training – differential shaft
  • Field installation support and training – reel spool shaft
  • Field installation and training – shaft handling equipment
  • Plant surveys for air shaft needs / recommendations
  • Field repairs

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