Differential Shafts

Direct Friction Style


Series 1250 DFX – Standard Model Series 1250 DFB – Low tension or Large Diameter Model The Series 1250-DFX & 1250-DFB differential shafts are the industry standard. Our patented core clutch differential shaft is the preferred design by major OEMs and major converting houses for upgrading older machines. These shafts produce and maintain the most precise and constant web tensions and are designed specifically for your operation.

The Series 1250-DFX can wind multiple cores or different width cores at very low web tensions. Each core can slip at a controlled speed when proper air pressure is maintained. The temperature-resistant segments on our patented tension ledge expand outward when inflated, generating resistance against the core’s inside diameter. The resistance is proportional to the area that is contacted and permits cores with different widths to be wound on the same shaft.

Each shaft also comes with our patented core stop ledge housed in a removable cassette. The core stop ledge expands outward pneumatically and locks the cores into predetermined positions along the shaft’s surface. The core stops rotate (eliminating dust) alongside the core wall during the run and prevent cores from moving horizontally during the winding process.

When deflated, the core stop ledge retracts below the shaft body’s surface and permits your operator to remove the finished rolls easily. The removable core stop cassette design significantly reduces machine downtime by allowing your operator to remove the cassette for the previous job and replace it with another already set-up with the core stops in the next job’s correct positions.

The patented Series 1250-DFB model utilizes surface roller bearings that minimize drag. This shaft is an excellent choice for low tension applications or larger diameter (6″ and greater) differential winding needs.


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