The Goldenrod Series 1260 LDB & LDBX are the only pneumatic shafts available that hold the core concentric to the shaft body. This is an excellent unwind or rewind shaft for coating, laminating and printing operations that require high production speeds with minimal roll loping and vibration.

This shaft is designed to enable your machine to run faster, with less vibration and less material defects (wrinkles). A minimum of three expanding metal ledges spaced at 120 degrees are assembled into the shaft and expanded. They are then turned in a lathe to a precise expanded diameter based on your core ID. When the completed shaft is inflated, the metal centering ledges expand first to hold the core above and concentric to the shaft body OD. The rubber grip ledges then expand to grip the inside of the core and transmit torque.

  • Two stage expansion-centering, then gripping.
  • No roll loping.
  • Higher speeds possible resulting in increased production.
  • Reduces machine vibration and machine wear.
  • Simple bladder replacement takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Internal valve package available guaranteeing that you will never lose a roll in the event of a bladder failure.


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