The Model 1260-LDRL Ergonomic design substitutes our standard expanding gripping ledges with slide-in Roller Ledges for easy loading of rolls onto a cantilevered shaft. The shaft may have one, three, or six Roller Ledges to minimize both the initial breakaway force and the friction when loading rolls.

The Roller Shaft product family is another ergonomic innovation by Goldenrod. The shafts include one or more rows of low-friction rollers to facilitate loading rolls onto cantilevered shafts.

The height of the roller ledges is slightly above the surface of the body but lower than the core ID. The number of roller ledges is custom and dependent on your application.

  • Minimizes the breakaway force required to get the roll moving.
  • Minimizes operator push/pull fatigue.
  • Maximizes Safety.


We can design this model so that the roller ledges can be interchanged with rubber gripping ledges!


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