The Series 1250-CL Cam Lock is a locked core internal clutch differential shaft. The shaft can handle slit widths down to 25 mm without the use of spacers or core stops. Tools are not required to position the cores. You just place the cores over the shaft and give a quick turn to lock them into place and start winding.

The design does not require perfect cores with tight ID tolerances. A solid steel, 60mm multi-bladder through shaft houses a series of cam lock rings. This 60 mm shaft allows for the highest strength/lowest deflection of any cam lock differential shaft on the market.

When constant air is introduced into the shaft, the proprietary friction strips expand to impart sensitive resistance on the ID of the rings (available in a variety of widths). 3” and 6” diameter rings will work on the same 60mmm base shaft allowing for convenience, cost savings and quick changeover. Maintenance on the multi bladder base shaft is quick and easy.


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