Winding News 

Goldenrod Air Pressure Monitor (APM)
Our newest Goldenrod product is designed to help our customers quickly identify any air leaking issues within their operating shafts.
The new Goldenrod APM option incorporates a small profile leak detection sensor into our multi-bladder design.  Once the shaft is inflated, the sensor sends inflation data to the digital readout allowing the operator to know the exact level of air in the shaft.
This system employs state-of-the-art technology to continuously monitor air pressure. It gives “real-time” pressure information. Individual Air Shafts can be programmed to a specific baseline pressure, and low-pressure alerts are triggered when the pressure drops 12.5% and 25% below baseline pressure.
The APM (Air Pressure Monitor) can be integrated into Goldenrod’s large diameter shafts and standard 3″ diameter shafts.
Goldenrod Safety Inflate/Deflate Valve
Goldenrod has introduced a new product to enhance safe inflation and deflation of our multi-bladder air shafts.  The new safety inflate/deflate valve package and ISO valve are designed for use with Goldenrod 3″ diameter shafts.
Air shafts that use quick release valves allow operators to use index fingers to quickly deflate air shafts.  When operators are rushing between sets to change over rolls,  index fingers could get pinched between core and shaft.
Goldenrod’s new SID feature requires the operator to use air gun to deflate the air from the shaft, and eliminates this safety issue.

Goldenrod Shaftless Chucks

Goldenrod has recently produced a new brochure on our popular line of Shaftless Chucks.  These chucks are ideal for unwind applications that require absolute centering and fail-safe grip.  Our complete line of shaftless chucks are featured with all technical specifications.  Click on the image below to download our new brochure.

Introducing – the new Goldenrod Logo
You may have noticed that this issue of ‘Winding News’ looks a bit different – that’s because we’ve updated the Goldenrod logo.  Our new logo is more bold and dynamic, and shows an element of motion with our main product, the air shaft.  Watch for more news soon on other new developments coming from Goldenrod!
Thanks for reading. We at Goldenrod hope to hear from you soon!


Stephen Pretto
Chief Financial Officer
Goldenrod Corporation