The “Ultralight” line of aluminum extruded multiple bladder shafts are the lightest 3″ and 6″ shafts on the market. These shafts can be used in light-medium duty unwind and rewind applications. When you want to provide your operators with the lightest shaft available, the 1263 (3″) or the 1266 (6″) is the solution.

– Excellent expansion/contraction for use in tight cores.
– Continuous grip along the surface of the shaft
– Bladders are well protected razor proof.
– Internal check valve (LD version) available.
– 10 minute bladder repair

And, now Goldenrod offers a new and innovative way to handle 6″ shaft – REMOVABLE HANDLES. The handles eliminate the awkward handling (hugging) and bending needed when handling a 6″ shaft. The handles engage / dis-engage quickly from the fail-safe receptors embedded in the body of the shaft allowing for faster and safer changeovers. These handles are designed to be used exclusively with Goldenrod’s 6″ Ultra-Light weight Multi Bladder shaft – the industry’s lightest 6″ aluminum shaft.

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