Goldenrod Corporation has introduced a new line of lifting carts for easy handling of heavy airshafts, chucks or material rolls.

GoldenLIFT carts are available in both fixed and movable designs and come equipped with customized tooling to handle airshafts, tissue core plugs, or rolls of material up to 500 lbs. They are constructed of aluminum, which allows for lightweight, easy to maneuver performance and feature large caster wheels, a central, foot-operated brake system, and a detachable remote control pendant with multiple lift speeds, which allows for lift operation from all sides.

“These carts fill a need that we often see at our customer locations,” said David Sullivan, Goldenrod Vice President of Sales. “Too often workers are forced to lift heavy shafts or rolls of material, which can lead to back injuries and lost time accidents. The GoldenLIFT carts are specifically designed for shafts, chucks and material rolls, and they provide a safe method for moving these items.”

Other features of the new GoldenLIFT carts include:

  • Adjustable load capacity
  • Adjustable handlebars for setting best ergonomically correct position
  • Completely enclosed, narrow, single-lift mast with electric lift screw, providing clear view for safe operation
  • Exchangeable power packs