If you want to wind CORELESS, Goldenrod has a wide variety of new and proprietary designs, from small diameter ledge and leaf designs to larger TRAPPER LEAF models–just feed the leading edge of the web(s) under the fixed leaf and inflate the shaft to pinch the web in place and GO!

Unique in the industry, the Goldenrod/Svecom Coreless Trapper Leaf model is designed to hold the leading edge of your web–without the need for taping the web to the shaft, your changeover time is minimized!

One leaf is fixed at the proper height, and underneath is a single rubber gripping ledge running the length of the shaft body. A separate air valve inflates this ledge to “trap” the web to the underside of the leaf; the other expanding leaves are activated through a second air valve. When the roll is complete, deflate both valves to quickly release the web. This model can be made in the easy to repair Multiple Bladder design.

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