CARBON FIBER PULTRUSION (PATENTED) – Series 1260 & 1263 LDC Shaftsge

Looking for a lightweight shaft that will handle your heavier roll weights? Need less deflection so you can run at faster line speeds? Search no longer–the patented PULTRUSION design is available from Goldenrod for most body profiles and can be used in unwind and rewind applications.

Hundreds of high modulus carbon fibers are wetted with epoxy and pulled into the hollows of an aluminum profile. After drying, the fibers become set at zero degrees, resulting in an extremely lightweight, low inertia air shaft with the rigidity of steel, but with superior acceleration and balancing capabilities.

The Pultrusion model can be used in all common applications, but it is an excellent choice for those applications that exceed the yield strength of aluminum or for any application unapproachable with steel or conventional wound carbon fiber shafts.

Product Literature(click on a link below to download printable documents about this product):