Why is a pneumatic, multi bladder Reel Spool beneficial?

When considering an expanding reel spool, there are three options.

1. Mechanical Design
Cores are slid onto the non-air reel spool until they hit a core stop at the far end.  Then the operators place a large “nut” on the near side and tighten with a “spanner” wrench until all cores are secure.

Disadvantage: Safety (reports of lost fingers due to misuse of wrench and back injuries due to cores being too difficult to dislodge are common);
Time: Iit takes more time to core up and de-core the rolls; this design has no centering which may limit speed; Difficult to change web widths.

2. Axial-Pneumatic Core Clamps
Pneumatic clamps are placed on either end of the reel spool acting as book ends for the empty cores.  They clamp down to the reel spool using air.
Disadvantage: This design still takes too long; difficult to change slit widths; no true centering which may limit speed.
3. Pneumatic Reel Spools
This option is the choice for most new operations or for those seeking to upgrade to the most efficient method of production.
Advantages: Easy changeover; enables maximum machine speed (w/our centering design); simple maintenance (with our design); fast payback.

Our large diameter steel pneumatic reel spool shafts can be found running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in tissue paper mills around the world. They are usually the Model 1260-LDB Multiple Bladder design with both Centering and Internal Check Valves. Inflation and deflation is quick, strongly positive, and repeatable. The shaft has three air ports on the body: one is to first inflate the metal Centering ledges, another is to inflate the rubber gripping ledges, and the third is to deflate all of the ledges at once. We offer Pneumatic/Mechanical and Mechanical models as well. All reel spool shafts are always balanced to the most critical tolerances for minimal machine vibration, allowing the fastest winding speeds possible. Less vibration and higher speed mean budget savings with increased production, a higher quality product with fewer web breaks, and less wear on the machine.