1. What is a Reel Spool?

A reel spool is a large diameter mandrel used for winding and possibly storing large rolls of paper board and tissue. More and more mills are winding on cores (10″, 12″ 14″, 16″ on up) right on the tissue & paper board paper machines.

Why?  They do this to by-pass the paper machine winder.  By winding on cores directly at the paper machine and sending the jumbo rolls of tissue, towel or paper board directly to converting or out the door to customers, they eliminate an entire operation.  Tissue machine re-winders cost a great deal of money.  Not only do you have to maintain them, but you also have to staff them.

In today’s mill market, every nickel counts. Goldenrod manufacturers the industry standard when it comes to pneumatic, multi-bladder reel spools.