Model 928 Safety Chuck

Model 928 Safety Chuck

The Goldenrod / Svecom Model 928 Safety Chuck is designed for high speed applications and for customers that are tired of continuously changing the replaceable inserts of standard safety chucks.  The bearings that support the rotating shaft are located on the air shaft journals.  The outer race of each bearing rests in the Model 928 sockets and do not rotate.

Drive / Brake torque is delivered by means of a radiused flat journal end.  When shaft rotation is initiated, the chucks will automatically close and can only be opened in 12 O’Clock position when operator retracts redundant lock and opens the 928 outer ring.  Unlike conventional safety chucks, operator is not exposed to any rotating parts.

Vibration free, long wear, safe = SMART!

The Model 928-B safety chuck is available in foot or flange mountings and various sizes depending on application loads / torque.

Closing action of the Model 928

Air Shaft Rotates / Safety Chuck Does Not



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