The Model 1280-CT Slitter Drive Shaft is designed for shear slitting operations and will rigidly hold bottom knife rings in place using compressed air. Adjustment and lock down of knife rings is simple and safe. To reset the knife rings during a change over, the operator deflates the shaft, slides the rings to their new position, & then inflates.

Goldenrod will chrome and grind the outside diameter to a precise tolerance that will work with your existing knife rings. The Multiple Bladder maintenance is simple and, unlike other designs, does not require the shaft to be removed from the machine to replace an air bladder. All shafts are dynamically balanced per application requirements.

Goldenrod specializes in retrofitting older machines. The Model 1280 CT can help reduce set-up time by as much as 50% and by eliminating the need for set screws and hex wrenches, change-overs are safer.



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