Pneumatic Reel Spool w/ Centering

Pneumatic Reel Spool w/ Centering

Our large diameter steel pneumatic reel spool shafts can be found running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in tissue paper mills around the world. They are usually the Model 1260-LDB Multiple Bladder design with both Centering and Internal Check Valves. Inflation and deflation is quick, strongly positive, and repeatable. The shaft has three air ports on the body: one is to first inflate the metal Centering ledges, another is to inflate the rubber gripping ledges, and the third is to deflate all of the ledges at once.

We offer Pneumatic/Mechanical and Mechanical models as well. All reel spool shafts are always balanced to the most critical tolerances for minimal machine vibration, allowing the fastest winding speeds possible. Less vibration and higher speed mean budget savings with increased production, a higher quality product with fewer web breaks, and less wear on the machine.

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