Goldenrod introduces a new “TOOL-LESS” adapter for their 1420 Series Core Chucks. A simple push button allows the operator to quickly, and safely convert from 3″ to 6″ and back.

High performance steel chuck with air-activated internal piston that mechanically drives ramped expanders outward. Air is introduced through separate port on flange or body to deflate. Available with either expanding leaves (Model 1420-LF) or lugs (Model 1420-LG). Chucks can have either flange or shaft extension mounting. Also available are lightweight adapters that easily slip over and lock into the base chuck with three locating pins for quick changeover to larger size cores and transmission of torque.

  • Inventory of medium and heavy-duty 3″ and 6″ chucks with various size adapters.
  • High speed, weight, and torque applications
  • Absolute roll centering
  • Low maintenance (grease fitting standard on most chucks)


Recommended especially for heavy weights, and for any unwinding (or rewinding) where perfect centering is required.

Optional 1420 MODELS:

1420-LFS Air Inflate/Spring Retract & Safety Design: SpringExpand/Air Deflate

1420-LFH Hybrid Design (Patented).
This unique model combines the standard pneumatic/mechanical expansion with an additional self-expanding system activated through the web tension, causing further expansion of the leaves. Recommended especially for steel cores, or for any heavy-duty extremely high torque application.



Product Literature:

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