Goldenrod Corporation is a privately-owned company established by Al Pretto in 1986 to represent and support the efforts of Svecom P.E. in North America. Svecom (Italy) is the largest manufacturer of Air Shafts and Core Holding Equipment in Europe and the originator of the now-popular Multiple External Bladder shaft design and the Roll-Centering feature.

Originally just an office and a storage area, Goldenrod capitalized on Svecom’s engineering excellence and 50 years of experience by introducing the Multiple External Bladder design to North America. The design helped achieve results for our customers that other shaft designs could not match, and we’ve earned an increasing number of loyal customers as a result. By 1993, the demand for our products required that the company move to a 10,000 sq/ft manufacturing plant in Prospect, CT.

Goldenrod engineered many new and improved designs over the next 10 years, and developed a well-earned reputation for solving customer problems. Patents were issued for our industry-leading Differential shafts and high-speed Carbon Pultrusion shafts. The company expanded its presence by introducing complete lines of ergonomic Ultralight and Lightweight shafts. Goldenrod/Svecom is also the only company in our market to manufacture our own Safety Chucks.

By October 2003, Goldenrod had again outgrown its location and moved into a newly built 30,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility in Beacon Falls, CT. New machines, more people, and greater capacity have improved the efficiencies, service, and lead times. We look forward to a significant new phase in our growth.

Goldenrod and Svecom are the single largest manufacturer of winding shafts and chucks in the business, making us a truly global company able to service the needs of our customers, anywhere in the world.

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