Ideal for Tape, Film and Ribbon Rewind Applications

A new line of small-diameter locked core and differential slip shafts from Goldenrod are ideal for tape, film, and ribbon rewind applications. Although they are small diameter (1″ to 1.5″), these continuous expansion shafts are available in lengths up to 100″ and are custom designed for your specific application. Each Goldenrod small-diameter shaft has three rows (120″) of external gripping elements (locked core) or extremely low friction, abrasion-resistant ledges (slip differential) that provide for excellent control of low tension web substrates. These elements run the entire length of the shaft allowing for multiple cores to be placed anywhere along the shaft. Since each shaft is turned entirely from one piece of steel there are no weak journal/body connections, allowing the shaft to hold more weight with less deflection. You now can run at higher speeds and increase production! All Goldenrod small diameter shafts are made in the company’s Beacon Falls, CT USA headquarters and feature a full one-year warranty.