The patented Model 1420 LFP / 714 MZL tissue core plug has several new features, including an operator-friendly mechanical expansion and air retractability; a fail-safe grip with zero slippage; easier insertion and retraction due to a smaller collapsed diameter; true centering of the roll that allows for concentric running with less loping; and an increased core life due to a design that maximizes the usability of every core.

According to Stephen Pretto, Goldenrod\’s VP of operations, the plug was recently installed at a major North American tissue mill. He says the mill was using simple, non-expanding core plugs that operators manually lifted and pounded into place. The cores on the machines were 12 in. ID x 5/8 in. wall fiber cores x 104 in. wide. They were getting, at best, three to four uses out of their cores before they had to be cut down for other machines or discarded altogether. Reportedly, after purchasing six 12-in. Model 1420 LFP / 714 MZL core plugs, as well as a motorized cart, the mill immediately saw a quadrupling of its core uses to 12 to 15 cycles/core, a change that will save the company $200,000 over a full year of use.