Goldenrod Corporation has introduced a new line of shafts for coreless winding applications. These shafts allow the winding of paper, film or foil with no core, saving converters thousands in core costs and eliminating the need for core disposal.

The new Goldenrod 1260-LFT multiple bladder winding shaft features a fixed “trapper leaf” with a full-length trapper ledge.  The leading edge of the material is inserted directly into a slot under a fixed leaf in the shaft, where it is secured when air is introduced.  Older style trapper leaf designs held the leading edge with a spring lever.  A hybrid to this design works especially well for automatic machines that orientate the shaft, feed the material into the slot, wind and release automatically.

“There are many reasons converters are going coreless,” said David Sullivan, Goldenrod Vice President of Sales.  “Coreless winding is ‘green’ as it eliminates the need to dispose of cores.  And of course, it saves money.  We have one customer who estimates that he spends $120K every year on cores and is now investigating modifying his machine so that he can run coreless.”

Virtually any converting application can benefit from coreless winding.  Applications such as shrink film, landscape film, rubber roofing, plastic fencing or netting, or any other material that after it’s used, requires the core to be disposed of, is a candidate for this new technology.